Prof. Dr. Yücel DEMİRAL


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Yücel Demiral was graduated from Uludağ University Medical Faculty in 1991. He worked at the Department of Pharmacology at Uludağ University Medical Faculty as a research associate between 1992 and 1995. He started his doctorate on vocational health at the Department of Public Health at Dokuz Eylül University Medical Faculty in 1996 and completed it in 2001.


•The effects of unemployment, job security and employment types on health.

•The effects of cardiovascular diseases on working life.

•Psychosocial factors in working life and results on health.

•Inequalities on health


Demiral Y. The Factors Affecting the Life Quality of the Employed and the Unemployed and Comparing Their Life Quality Levels. Dokuz Eylül University, Institute of Medical Sciences. 2001.