Prof.Dr.Bülent Kılıç


Professor Bulent Kilic, MD:

Bulent Kilic has been graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine (Ankara-Turkey) as medical doctor in 1988. He is public health specialist (graduated from Gazi University Faculty of Medicine (Ankara-Turkey)). He has been working in Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Public Health (Izmir-Turkey) as academical staff since 1998. His lectures about health management, health policy, health systems, health organization and medical sociology for PhD, MPH (Master of Public Health) students and residents in the department of public health. He attented some workshops and short term courses in qualitative research techniques (Aleppo-2009, İstanbul-2010 and New Castle 2010). He attented medical anthropology course in İzmir (2013). He has worked in the Department of Sociology in University of Alaska Anchorage (USA) as affiliated professor for three months in 2014. He is particularly interested in social determinants of health, health policy, health management and health systems. He is the director of Health Policy Group and Medical Anthropology&Sociolgy Group under The Turkish Association of Public Health Specialists.

Address: Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Public Health

35340 Balcova-Izmir/TURKEY

Phone: +90.232.4124001 and 412400 (work)

            +533.4357700 (cell)


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International Trainings:

1.Certificate of International Course in Applied Epidemiology. The Rollins School of Public Health (Emory University), The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 4-29 October 1999, Atlanta-USA.

2.Certificate of Health Leadership and Management Course. Global Health Action, 1-12 November 1999, Atlanta-USA.

3.Principles of Epidemiology Certificate of 3030-G. US Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Services Distance Learning Program, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 28 March 2000, Atlanta-USA.

4.Community Oriented Primary Care Workshop. Hebrew University Hadassah School of Health, 2-5 April 2001, İzmir, Turkey.

5.Qualitative Research Techniques. MEDCHAMPS Project, 3-10 October 2009, Aleppo, Syria.

6.IMPACT Modelling Course, MEDCHAMPS Project, 15-19 January 2010, İzmir, Turkey.

7.Qualitative Data Analysis Course. MEDCHAMPS Project, 14-17 September 2010, İstanbul, Turkey.

8.Qualitative Data Analysis Course. MEDCHAMPS Project, 10-15 December 2010, NewCastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom.

9.Training Needs Assesment Workshop. RESCAP-Med Project, 19-21 May, 2012, Dead Sea, Jordan.

10.Research Paper Writing Workshop. MEDCHAMPS Project, 29-31 May, 2012, Tunis, Tunisia.

11.Introduction to Medical Anthropology Workshop. RESCAP-Med Project, 9-12 December, 2013, Çeşme, İzmir, Turkey.

12. Introduction to Medical Sociology. University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA), Department of Sociology, Affiliate Professor, February-April 2014, Anchorage,Alaska-USA.

International Projects:

RESCAP-MED: Non Communicable Diseases and their social determinants in Mediterranean countries: building sustainable research capacity for effective policy intervention. EU-FP7 Grant Agreement. Focal Person for Work Package 3, 2012-2014. 

MedCHAMPS: Mediterranean studies of Cardiovascular disease and Hyperglycaemia. EU-FP7 Grant Agreement Number: 223075. Work Package 5:National situational analysis of current policy and health system context. Focal Person for Work Package 5, 2009-2012. 

EMCONET: WHO (World Health Organisation) Commision on Social Determinants of Health Knowledge Networks, EMCONET Project (Employment Conditions Knowledge Network Group) Turkey Country Report Working Group, 2006-2007.


Research Papers:

Kilic B, Kalaca S, Unal B, Phillimore P, Zaman S. Health policy analysis for prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus in Turkey. International Journal of Public Health, 2015, 60 (supplement 1) S47-S53. DOI: 10.1007/s00038-014-0557-7.

Kilic B, Phillimore P, Islek D, Oztoprak D, Korkmaz E, Abu-Rmeileh N, Zaman S, Unal B. Research capacity and training needs for non-communicable diseases in the public health arena in Turkey. BMC Health Services Research, 2014, 14:373. DOI:10.1186/1472-6963-14-373

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Letter to Editor:

Kilic B. Health-care reform in Turkey: far from perfect. Lancet. 2014 Jan 4;383(9911):28-9. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(13)62732-4. 

Kilic B. Healthcare in Turkey:from socialization to privatization. BMJ Rapid response: Access time: 4 April 2011.


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Poster or Oral Presentations in International Conferences:

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