This program is founded for raising researchers and educators who can develop solutions to the issues in the field of public health and who can teach public health to the others in the frame of general principles of the discipline within developing and changing process.

It includes lectures for two terms and thesis for the other two and totally four terms (biannual). It is required to be graduated from four year faculty or college.

Candidates who take at least 55 points from the ALES (Academic Staff and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam) handled by OSYM can apply to the program. For the threshold, foreign language exam is carried out and those who are unsuccessful in that exam are not evaluated. That exam is carried out through translating a foreign passage determined by Senate relevant to science/art field by the candidate, consisting 190- 220 words into Turkish during two hours with the help of a dictionary. Success grade in the foreign exam is at least 70 out of 100.

Those who pass foreign exam are taken to written, oral, composition, analysing portfolio exams. 

The candidates beginning from the highest points of the average taken from the entrance exam of which 25% is assessed and licence academic average of which 25% again is considered and adding 50% of the ALES to them according to the quota, are recruited to the programs.