Prof.Dr. O. Alparslan ERGÖR

Prof.Dr.Alp Ergör


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He was born in Ankara in the year of 1964. He lived in İzmir from the primary school up to his graduation from the university. He was graduated from Dokuz Eylül University Medical Faculty in 1986.

He fulfilled his obligatory service in Tokat, Niksar, Başçiftlik Village Health Care Center.

He took some charges in Ankara Yenimahalle Municipal Health Services as primary care doctor, municipality physician and manager between 1988 and 90. He also worked as the founding doctor at the Şentepe Health Center established by Yenimahalle Municipality.

He worked as a doctor at Bilkent University Health Center in 1992.

He became the member of Turkish Medical Association Occupational Health Branch, and worked in the process of preparing the “Journal of Workplace Doctors” with Dr.Buhara Önal, Dr.A.Naci Yıldız and Dr.Levent Tunalı as the assistant editor of the branch head Prof.İsmail Topluzoğlu between 1992 and 1994.

He was the member of Ankara Chamber of Medicine Workplace Doctors and Occupational Safety Commission between 1993 and 1996. Following the footsteps of some occupational health experts like İsmail Topuzoğlu, Gürhan Fişek and Bülent Piyal, he started to work as an assistant inspector at the Ministry of Labour and Social Security; and he had the chance of working a long time with Ministry Consultant Occupational Health Doctor Dr. Bülent Piyal. He worked as a researcher and coordinator within the Ankara group of the International Project of Removing Child Labour whose national level was executed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security Supervisory Board between 1993 and 1997.

He took his occupational health Ph. D degree from the Department of Public Health from Hacettepe University Medical Faculty with his thesis on the relation between occupational accident and stress with the consultancy of Prof.Dr.Nazmi Bilir (1997)

After quitting the Work Inspectorship in 1998, he started to work as an academic member at the Department of Public Health at Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Medicine.

He has been taking responsibility of the post graduate education program of occupational health of Public Health Department since 1998.

He took charges in all institutional structures about the health of medical staff working in Dokuz Eylul University Education, Application and Investigation Hospital between 1999 and 2008. He worked for the establishment of Health Unit for the Staff working in Dokuz Eylül University Education, Application and Investigation Hospital with his colleague Associate Professor Dr.Yücel Demiral. And he took the responsibility of this unit between 2006 and April 2008. 

His dream -also the dream of Associate Professor Yücel Demiral- about establishing a vocational health center affiliated to the university in 2000, realized with the publication of the “Dokuz Eylül University Vocational Health Center – ISAMER” establishment approval in the gazette in 2008. The assignment process about the Center is still waiting on the Rectorate Office.

He has two twin sons, Bora and Arda. He enjoys spending most of his time with them. He plays basketball when he has time and thinks about dealing with mounteneering again.

Points of Interest: His interests and working fields are health of the health staff, risk evaluation and occupational accidents.

Doctoral thesis and Consultant: Investigating the Occupational Accidents Seen in Four Factories Affiliated to Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation in the years of 1994, 1995 and 1996. (HÜ SBE- HSAD, 1997). Consultant: Prof.Dr.Nazmi BİLİR

Administrative Function: Membership to Faculty Board (Representation of Associate Professor), DEU Deputy School Director of Vocational High School of Health Services and 6th Term Deputy Coordinator. 

Membership of professional associations: ICOH, DEU Organization of University Councils, HASUDER, Organization of Job Inspectors, Organization of Toraks, Organisation of Medical Eduction, HASAK.